Private Class

I love teaching! I am presently working full time so I can only accept private classes when time allows. I teach both Brush Calligraphy and Loose Floral Painting with Watercolor Basics. Please contact me for more information.

Brush Calligraphy
Topics to Cover:
Introduction to Calligraphy
Examples and uses of Calligraphy 
Desk Set-up
Proper Posture and Drills
Parts of a Letter
Basic Strokes
Minuscule and Capitals
Spacing and Flourishing

What to Bring:
All materials are provided.

Date & Location:

Watercolor Florals
Topics to Cover:
Introduction to Watercolor
Properties of Watercolor – transparency, lightfastness, granulation, student and artist grade, pearl watercolors
Examples of Watercolor Painting – loose florals and botanical
Brush – synthetic and real hair; round, liner, miniature; brands
Paper – cold and hot pressed; cellulose and 100% cotton; brands
Desk Set-up and Proper Posture
Basic Color Theory
Watercolor Basic Techniques
Flower and Leaves Forms
Conceptualization, Composition, and Layout
How to Make a Wreath
Make final artwork, combine watercolor wreath and lettering
BONUS: How to erase watercolor. How to protect your artwork.

Date & Location: