Mylene Molo

“Appreciate your art.”

What made you start your creative journey?
I chanced upon calligraphy late 2015. At that time, I just wanted to try something new in my life. Few months later, my love story with watercolor and journaling started. Watercolor is a medium that is not to be controlled and manipulated, that’s the beauty that I find with it. My engineering and naval architecture background made me to be very rigid and accurate on many things, but watercolor helped me to shy away from that. Initially it was hard, my paintings were too formal, calculated and symmetric. After many times of trying, I was able to loosen a bit, still trying though. An artist friend told me that my style is unique to me and it is coming out on my paintings. Now, I learn to appreciate my art and of course yearn to learn more and improve. Combining these three musings is what captivates me most!

What are your inspirations for your paintings?
My inspirations are God’s Word and His creations which are readily available around us all the time. The beauty of nature is endless! I can be inspired with just anything around me, whether it’s a floral dress that I’m wearing or say a tissue box design, a flower, a building, a scenery, anything! I am always absorbed in studying the colors our nature provides. I do what I do to share the Word of God to everyone. We live in a beautiful world indeed. Praise God!

Five fun facts about you.
My favorite dish is Chicken Tinola, a ginger and onion based soup from The Philippines. 
Whenever traveling, my first requirement in choosing a hotel would be: floor-length windows!
You’ll be shocked if you hear me talk to my mom and dad, I baby talk. Boom!
I don’t move when I sleep.
I finished two degrees, BS in Marine Engineering and BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. All glory to God.

How do you choose the materials you use for your art?
I am an advocate of high quality materials. I use artist-grade watercolors in all my paintings because they are lightfast and have vast color range. To get maximum performance, 100% cotton watercolor paper is a must to use. Watercolor paint will not be as effective and will not flow in the same manner when applied to cellulose paper compared to using it on pure cotton watercolor paper. In selecting journals and papers for calligraphy purposes, archival quality is one thing I consider. Well-made brushes are essential in my work too. Taking into consideration the hard work we put into our art, all the emotions we invested and time spent, our works deserve to last more than a lifetime. Take full advantage of your paints and supplies; don’t limit your potential!

Any message?
Don’t be stingy, buy the right supplies.
Paint more to practice more. Work large!
Mix colors and observe. Internalize color and shape theories.
Keep a journal. 
Embrace imperfection, it’s the basis of all art.
Enjoy, share!




“Art from God, art for God.”

Photos: Johann Von Carlo Molo Photography

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